New shop / store page

We have new store page and purchase are done via PayPro Global website which allows variety of payment options and better invoicing. After purchase has been completed you will get access to files and we will create you account on for accessing future updates via My Account / Downloads. Same coupon code works there too!

WooCommerce 4.0+ compatibility

All our plugins support latest WooCommerce 4.0+ and WordPress and our demo websites run all latest versions. We have issued updates for couple of our plugins so make sure to update all to latest version to get most recent features. Pick number mod for WooCommerce Lottery plugin now has lucky dip and alphabet partitioning for ticket numbers (A1…A100, B1…B100, etc).

How to update our plugins without hassle?

Install Envato Marketplace (installation instructions can be found on plugin’s url) plugin for auto updating plugins and themes purchased on Envato and CodeCanyon. There is also always manual way to do update – deactivate plugin, delete it and upload latest version via Add Plugin form in WordPress.

Having latest version of plugins and themes ensures compatibility with latest WordPress and WooCommerce also most recent versions are bug free (at least they should be!) and with all latest features we implemented.

Last user’s order for WooCommerce

Some time ago we searched for simple plugin which would show user’s last order timestamp in wp-admin -> user list because searching through orders could be a tedious task. There was nothing simple just big complete CRM solutions and we decided to try code something. We created free plugin which can be downloaded on plugin repository here which does exactly that – shows order timestamp with a link to order in orders list. Try it, could be handy tool for your WooCommerce store too.

Get this free plugin.

How to add lottery, competition or lucky draw with prizes to your WooCommerce store

Have you ever purchased lottery or entered lucky draw when buying something? Every now and then there is good occasion to reward your customers with prizes or give opportunity to enter the draw for an item (for free, with huge discount or for just a fraction of real price). E-store owners who run their webshops on WooCommerce can improve their user experience, boost sales and get more traffic with giveaways easily. Our WooCommerce Lottery plugin does just that – implements giveaways, competitions or lotteries in your WooCommerce based store.  We will explain here what do you need to setup lottery in your webshop which runs on WooCommerce. Also you can watch video on YouTube that explains how our WooCommerce Lottery works.

Here, in this giveaway tutorial, we will assume you allready have working WordPress website hosted somewhere (if not contact us for help with hosting), domain name and WooCommerce installed with payment processor set up for processing payments for your orders. Other requirements are true cronjobs (just ask your host support to setup cronjobs required, very simple task for your hosting support) if you want to have reliable way to send email notifications and end lotteries on time.

Now to get your first lottery / giveaway online you need to follow couple of simple steps:

  1. you need to purchase and download WooCommerce Lottery plugin here
  2. install lottery plugin as any other plugin in WordPress (follow installation instructions here if you are not sure how to install WordPress plugin)
  3. after plugin activation you will need to go to Producst -> Add new product to setup your first lottery on your website. This part should look like screenshot below. Here you populate details like descriptions and prize for your lottery / competition / draw, min and max number of tickets, max tickets per user, number of possible winners, price, start / end date, image etc.
  4. Once you publish your first lottery your customers will be able to participate in the draw after they purchase and complete order for ticket(s). On this link here you can see our demo website example and how lottery will look like for customer (this depends on your WordPress theme ofcourse). This part is also customizable via WooCommerce templates and theme’s custom CSS.
  5. So your lottery is running till the date you set in its details. Right after end date and if you reached your min tickets limit plugin will draw winner or winners using PHP’s mt_rand function which provides solid randomization and gives everyone equal chance for winning. Winner(s) will get email notification about winning the prize, others will get better luck next time notification while site owner gets notification about finished or failed lottery. Here site owner usually also contacts winner to define details and deliver the prize.

Some owners want users to be able to pick ticket number and / or answer question (or manually choose winners when you use 3rd party number generator) which can be implemented / added via WooCommerce Lottery Pick Ticket Number Addon (here is how pick number mod looks like). Others would like to end lottery and draw prize as soon as all tickets are sold, change countdown format or disable mixing lotteries with normal products – this is just a matter of changing a setting in Lottery Settings (there are plenty of settings which allows you quick customization).

If you have installed Lottery plugin and have some questions or maybe encountered a problem which you cannot solve yourself there is always documentation which covers all the details and support which will help you with issues. In case you have a question we are availabe, just drop us mail here.