• WooCommerce Lottery with Pick Number Mod how to manually add order

    We have created two video tutorials about process of adding orders manually for user for Lottery product with ticket numbers and question / answers. First of all make sure you have latest WooCommerce Lottery and Pick Number Mod addon v2.4.0 – you can find all about pick number mod features here. Usually we have suggested […]
  • WooCommerce Lottery – Pick Number Mod addon features explained

    Pick Number Mod is addon for WooCommerce Lottery. In order to activate Pick Number Mod you need to have WooCommerce Lottery installed. We have discount coupon code for Pick Number Mod purchase on our home page (covers costs of WooCommerce Lottery). Pick Ticket Number This feature enables users to select their ticket number. Feature is […]
  • Instant Win feature for WooCommerce Lottery with Pick Number Mod addon – security considerations

    Since version v2.3.0 of Pick Number Mod addon we have introduced instant win feature as per requests from our clients. After that introduction we also received some inquires where clients ask of possible flaw where users who have pending order can see ticket number. Fact is that user indeed can see ticket number but cannot […]
  • Using WooCommerce REST API with our plugins

    WooCommerce REST API is useful for creating headless shops and automating processes . Here we will show couple of examples where you can see how our plugins can be managed via Woo REST api like how to retrieve product data and how to create new auction product using WooCommerce REST API v3. First you will […]
  • How to Create Entry Lists for WooCommerce Lottery and Pick Number addon?

    For entry lists to work you will need WooCommerce Lottery plugin and WooCommerce Lottery / Raffles Pick Ticket Number Mod addon since entry lists make more sense with ticket numbers and feature is implemented in Pick Number addon in version v2.1.0 (Pick Number Mod addon is not mandatory entry lists work with WooCommerce Lottery just […]
  • Change number of products displayed per page

    One of the common inqury in our support tickets, unrelated to plugin functionality, was how to change number of products displayed on WooCommerce product archive page. Most themes come with settings page where you can change number of producs displayed, in fact you can change number of rows and columns per page but there are […]
  • Why we use and suggest real cronjobs for our plugins (and WordPress)?

    In this article we’ll explain benefits of using real cronjobs instead of interal WordPress cron. First of all, a couple words about why do we have a need for cronjobs in our plugins like Simple Auctions, Lotteries and Group Buy. Custom product types (auctions, lotteries and deals) in these plugins have start and end timestamp […]
  • Using Post Expirator plugin for ending soon lotteries, auctions and group buy deals

    Ever wanted to have category called ending soon or starting today which are automatically populated based on auction, lottery, deal end / start date? One client did it with a free plugin so he does not need to use widgets or shortcodes for that purpose. Plugin called Post Expirator does the trick – among other […]
  • Debugging in WordPress (WP debug tips)

    One of the most important things when developing is a way to locate source of the problem fast and with as much details as possible – which file and more specifially line of code caused the trouble. WordPress has solid debug logger which can be complement with 3rd party plugins like Query Monitor and Debug […]
  • WooCommerce Simple Auctions with SMS notifications

    Initial setup and requirements for WooCommerce Simple Auctions with SMS notifications In this tutorial we will explain how you can enable true SMS notifications for (your auction website powered by Simple Auctions): new bid, auction finished, auction won, outbid note, reminder to pay and reserve failed notifications. Developer also has specific integrations for many different […]