WooCommerce Simple Storewide Sale

Last updated: 13th Dec 2022.

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Change Log

** Version 1.1.8 **
- Fix: prices hash bug

** Version 1.1.7 **
- Fix: fix for WPMU activation
- Fix: taxonomy bug

** Version 1.1.6 **
- Fix: warning for non numerical price values

** Version 1.1.5 **
- Fix: Bug with variable products

** Version 1.1.4 **
- Fix: Changing filter priority from 99 to 15 for compatibility with composite product plugin

** Version 1.1.3 **
- Fix: Bug with php 7.1

** Version 1.1.2 **
- Add: wc_onsale_page_products_onsale transient
- Fix: Changed admin dashboard widget

** Version 1.1.1 **
- Fix: problem with on sale filter triggering twice in combination with some plugins
- Add: feature to exclude allready discounted products from storewide sale
- Add: feature to use discounted price for storewide sale price for products that are on sale allready

** Version 1.1 **
- Fix: Compatibility with WooComerce >= 3.0.0

** Version 1.0.7 **
- Fix: Bug when excluding variable products
- Add: Exclude / include product by SKU

** Version 1.0.6 **
- Fix: Variation price caching (for WooCommerce 2.4.x)

** Version 1.0.5 **
- Fix: Bug with include / exclude tag in settings

** Version 1.0.4 **
- Fix: Variation price caching

** Version 1.0.3 **
- Add: WPML support

** Version 1.0.2 **
- Fix: Fatal error Can't use function return value in write context in class-wc-simple-storewide-sale-public.php

** Version 1.0.1 **
- Fix: bug with including category and tag
- Fix: readme and description

** Version 1.0.0 **
- Initial release

Overview and Features

WooCommerce Simple Storewide Sale

WooCommerce Simple Storewide Sale is a plugin and excellent marketing tool which allows you to have sitewide sales like for Black Friday, Christmas, clerance, store anniversary or some other special day. You can define discount in precentage or fixed value, sale start and end date, you can exclude some products, product categories, product types, tags, add sitewide notification about sale or have notification before sales start.

Overview and Features

  • Seamless integration into WooCommerce via its hooks
  • Add sale as precentage or fixed value
  • Exclude allready discounted products (from v1.1.1)
  • Use discounted price as storewide sale price (from v1.1.1)
  • Set start and end date
  • Exclude from sale products, product categories, product types, SKU or tags
  • Include product category, SKU, tag or specific products
  • Set sale sitewide (storewide) notice
  • Set before sale sitewide (storewide) notice


Source: https://codex.wordpress.org/Managing_Plugins#Installing_Plugins


Make sure to install WooCommerce before you activate WooCommerce Simple Storewide Sale plugin.

After downloading WooCommerce Simple Storewide Sale plugin, extract plugin zip and upload it to your plugins directory - wp-content/plugins/ folder of your Wordpress installation. Since this is extension for WooCommerce you need to install WooCommerce before activating the plugin, WooCommerce plugin which can be installed via wp-admin Plugins - Add New.

If you need help installing Wordpress see the link here


Once you installed and activated WooCommerce go to WooCommerce > System Status and make sure that you don't have red colored errors (specially for WP memory limit).

Install WooCommerce Sample Data:

Source: https://woocommerce.com/document/importing-woocommerce-sample-data/

WooCommerce comes with sample data which you can import, dummy data file is /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/dummy_data.xml Steps to import demo data to your WordPress WooCommerce site:

  1. Go to Tools > Import
  2. Select XML dummy content file from /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/dummy_data.xml
  3. Click Upload file and import
  4. Assign posts to an exitsting account
  5. Check Download and import file attachments
  6. Click Submit and wait until WordPress finish downloading attachments and importing content


Importing dummy data can take some time, specially on slow Internet connections. Be patient and do not close or refresh browser tab until import operation is completed.

Quick Setup

Setting up new drop price product is easy:

  • make sure all steps from Installation are done (WooCommerce installed, plugin enabled)
  • go to WooCommerce => Settings => Storewide sale
  • set discount, start and end date, notifications
  • optionally you can enable storewide notices for sale or pre sale notice


Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us if you can't find answer to your question.

  1. Does storewide sale applies to allready discounted products? - Yes, storewide sale will discount products allready on discount. So if you have regular price $100, discounted to $90 and applied storewide sale of 10% price will be $81. If you want to exclude them you need to enable "Exclude products that are already on sale." option in Simple Storewide Sale settings. There is also option "Use regular price for discount price for product that are already on sale."
  2. Does this plugin work with caching plugins? - Yes, W3TC and WP Super Cache work fine but we advise no caching for logged in users. You can use CDN and browser caching. Our plugin demo website uses WP Super Cache with page and browser caching. All of our plugins have same requirements for caching as WooCommerce - check it here https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/configuring-caching-plugins
  3. Can I make theme with WooCommerce Simple Storewide Sale plugin and sell it on ThemeForest? - Sure, just purchase extended licence and you're good to go.
  4. 3rd party plugin is causing problems? Its developers tell you that we need to fix our plugin? - Woocommerce extensions should be transparent - meaning one extension should work with another without introduction of special code that makes them compatible. Imagine what would happen and how much time we would need to spend if we would have to add a bit of compatibility code for every Woocommerce extension that's out there - we would end up in huge plugin with tons of problems which would be problem to test and debug. That's why we think every plugin developer should stick to Woocommerce coding standards and APIs (they're there for that reason) and not require 3rd party developers to code something into their extensions / plugins so that it could work with theirs.
  5. Variable product does not have old (higher) price striked, I see only discounted price? - This is how WooCommerce by default displays discounts for variable products. It just shows new discounted price. When you select actual variation you will see old (higher) price striked.
  6. How can I change color of notification bar on the top? You need to edit CSS and place custom override for class p.demo_store, themes usually have option to add custom CSS rules, you can use that or add this on the bottom of your style.css:
    p.demo_store {
    		background: #4d65a4;
    		text-align: center;
    		color: #fff;
    		padding: 1em;
  7. Known problems and incompatible plugins? Simple Storewide Sales does not work with WooCommerce Product Addons (products are discounted while addons are not) and WP Fastest Cache plugin.
  8. I'm using Woo's [sale_products] shortcode but products are not shown there. What's happening? Simple Storewide Sales was not meant to be used for that purpose. If you need to show discounted products with that shortcode you will need to enter sale price in product details. Our plugin is meant to be used for flash sales, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, must go promos, etc, when you have sale / promo for your shop and you want to discount large number of products (if not all). Simple Storewide Sales uses Woo price filter where [sale_products] shortcode uses sale price from product details. If our plugin would update on sale price for each product it would cause huge performance problems. Also when a lot of products are on sale, there is really no point in having special on sale page.
  9. How can I update plugin with new version? Is auto updating possible? - We suggest you to install Envato Marketplace (installation instructions can be found on plugin's url) plugin for auto update plugin and themes purchased on Envato. Setup is easy. Manual updating can be done by downloading new version of plugin and overwrite old files with new ones or deleting old plugin and installing new one.


    If you have modified plugin files (templates) then you need to be careful when updating so you don't overwrite changes you made and that templates are inside child theme or theme woocommerce/ template folder.

WooCommerce Simple Storewide Sale

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