How to create countdown timer for event on your webshop for lottery draw, auction or group buy ending soon event

We have received some inquries from our clients regarding countdown to an event on their page like Next Draw or Auction / Group Buy Event ending soon - basically you want to attract some attention to an event which ends soon and might be of interest to your users. This is not limited to our plugins you can use it for anything like next big discount, sale, new product coming to your store, maintenance ending, ...
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WooCommerce Simple Auctions how to upload auctions using CSV file and WooCommerce Import Tool

We have published video tutorial that explains how to automatically upload auctions using CSV file and WooCommerce Import Tool. To obtain WooCommerce Simple Auctions, WooCommerce extension which implements auctions in WooCommerce, click here. WooCommerce Simple Auctions how to upload auctions using CSV file and WooCommerce Import Tool Please make sure to check Simple Auction documentation for all details. FAQ item no 32 covers CSV import details ...
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Elementor Loop Templates Performance Issues

With recent update Elementor introduced Elementor Loop skins / templates for you can skin objects inside WordPress archive / loo pages like post archive or category, product list, etc. Feature is resrouce heavy and can cause a lot of performance issues so we advise to disable it (along with Landing Pages feature) in Elementor Settings > Experiments > Loop. Topic is covered here https://wordpress.org/support/topic/extremely-slow-load-times-3/ with some users complaining about 2.5 sec extra loading time (we ...
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How to create auction lots with WooCommerce Simple Auctions

In this tutorial we will explain simple solution to create auction lots for items in an optimized, flexible and easily customized way. Each item will be its own auction and we will use tags to group auctions into a lot for this purpose. Theme used is StoreFront along with some of our code snippets, we will explain all details later, ofcourse you will need our Simple Auctions plugin. End result should look like image below: ...
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WooCommerce Lottery with Pick Number Mod how to manually add order

We have created two video tutorials about process of adding orders manually for user for Lottery product with ticket numbers and question / answers. First of all make sure you have latest WooCommerce Lottery and Pick Number Mod addon v2.4.0 - you can find all about pick number mod features here. Usually we have suggested clients to use Login As User plugin and do regular checkout as client using coupon code to manually create order ...
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WooCommerce Lottery – Pick Number Mod addon features explained

Pick Number Mod is addon for WooCommerce Lottery. In order to activate Pick Number Mod you need to have WooCommerce Lottery installed. We have discount coupon code for Pick Number Mod purchase on our home page (covers costs of WooCommerce Lottery).
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Instant Win feature for WooCommerce Lottery with Pick Number Mod addon – security considerations

Since version v2.3.0 of Pick Number Mod addon we have introduced instant win feature as per requests from our clients. After that introduction we also received some inquires where clients ask of possible flaw where users who have pending order can see ticket number. Fact is that user indeed can see ticket number but cannot know until order is in processing or completed status that those numbers are instant win numbers unless you published that ...
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Using WooCommerce REST API with our plugins

WooCommerce REST API is useful for creating headless shops and automating processes . Here we will show couple of examples where you can see how our plugins can be managed via Woo REST api like how to retrieve product data and how to create new auction product using WooCommerce REST API v3. First you will need to go to WooCommerce Settings -> Advanced and enable REST API then create client key and secret, then assign ...
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How to Create Entry Lists for WooCommerce Lottery and Pick Number addon?

For entry lists to work you will need WooCommerce Lottery plugin and WooCommerce Lottery / Raffles Pick Ticket Number Mod addon since entry lists make more sense with ticket numbers and feature is implemented in Pick Number addon in version v2.1.0 (Pick Number Mod addon is not mandatory entry lists work with WooCommerce Lottery just without ticket numbers - example screenshot). Make sure you have latest version of WooCommerce Lottery and Pick Number mod addon ...
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