WooCommerce Simple Auctions now with Elementor support

WooCommerce Simple Auctions supports Elementor from version v2.0. You can create single auction page and auction base page with Elementor using Elementor widgets that are auction specific (bid input, countdown timer, buy now price, etc). To edit auction templates with Elementor you need Elementor (free) plus Elementor Pro (paid) or PRO Elements (free).

How can you create single auction page template with Elementor?

To do that you need to go to Add New Template and then select type Single Auction, enter name and you are good to go to designing Elementor template.

Screenshots below show Elementor widgets you can use for designing your templates:

Easiest way to create your single auction page with Elementor is to create new template for single product. There you can now add, rearrange and style Simple Auction elements like countdown, auction history, auction dates, auction max bid (for proxy), auction reserve price, sealed bid auction elements and auction bid form. Add to cart widget is used for Buy Now button.

From version v2.1.0 we have added Latest Bids Elementor widget which displays auction name, latest bid and time when bid was placed along with featured auction image.

Latest (recent) bids widget

To create auction archive / auction base page you will need to create new template type “Auctions Archive”. This template will be shown on the page you set for Auctions Base Page in Woo Settings > Auctions. Screenshot is below:

To create auction base page you will need to create new template type “Auctions Archive”

Once template is designed you need to publish template and add condition as per screenshots below:

Add condition for Single Auction page template
Add condition for Auctions Archive / Auctions base page template

In Elementor Settings -> Experiments make sure that beta option “Landing Pages” is set to “inactive” otherwise you will have issues with lottery base page. See screenshot below:

Make sure to disable Landing Pages experiment.

If you miss WordPress widgets when searching widgets in Elementor you might need to disable this experiment – Hide native WordPress widgets from search results. This option is located in Elementor Settings – Experiments (and was introduced in Elementor version 3.5.0 so if you have older version you will not have this issue). See screenshot below.

If you need native WordPress widgets – enable this option.

Make sure to check our article about Elementor Loop Templates Performance Issues since this could slow down your site. This is new feature in Elementor which should be used with special care and avoided if possible.