WooCommerce Lottery / Raffles / Competitions Pick Ticket Number Mod


WooCommerce Pick Ticket Number Mod is addon for WooCommerce Lottery plugin which enables participants to:

  • pick ticket number (or randomly auto assign ticket numbers)
  • option to add letter in front of tickets (A1…A100, B1…B100, etc)
  • lucky dip option with quantity selector
  • instant win numbers (with import)
  • login at later stage of checkout (guest checkout)
  • question and answers (with option to allow only true answers or allow checkout with wrong answer but do not allow to participate in draw
  • website administrator can manually picking winner (when you want to use 3rd party competition drawing option like https://www.random.org/ or your own random number generator)
  • sort tickets in tabs (when there are a lot of tickets)
  • My Tickets menu entry in WooCommerce My Account
  • CSV and Excel participants data export (sortable)
  • full Elementor support
  • entry lists (see demo) for lotteries
  • automatic relist for lotteries (with option to save complete participant info and lottery history for relisted lottery as CSV file to download later)
  • numbers can start from any number (for example first ticket can be 300)
  • easy manual add order for lotteries

Please check Pick Number Mod addon tutorial / documentation for detailed feature explations and more screenshots.

Listed price is one time fee for unlimited updates and support for 1 domain / website. Addon can not be bundled with a theme and sold as part of the theme. Base WooCommerce Lottery plugin can be purchased here. Pick Ticket Number mod screenshots can be found in product gallery on this page for both frontend and backend.


We have couple of addons for Pick Number like flip countdown timer, tickets sold in loop and custom instant win table. How to get those – just open ticket here.

Version changelog for WooCommerce Lottery / Raffles / Competitions Pick Ticket Number Mod:

** Version 2.4.3 ** 26th Jun 2023
- Add: optimized function lottery_get_user_display_name_by_id() instead of get_userdata()
- Fix: small optimizations
- Fix: hide tickets in non completed orders in translated WooCommerce
- Fix: translation file update
- Fix: hide answers on entry list single page if setting to hide answers until lottery is finished is set

** Version 2.4.2 ** 17th Apr 2023
- Fix: instant winner check for correct answer
- Fix: manually adding order

** Version 2.4.1 ** 29th Mar 2023
- Fix: fatal error when changing sold out lotteries order status
- Fix: pot file update
- Fix: error warning
- Add: automatically release reserved tickets on failed and cancelled order status
- Fix: quantity button element in WooCommerce v7.4.0

** Version 2.4.0 ** 17th Jan 2023
- Add: new Elementor widget "Lottery Instant Prize Info"
- Add: Instant Winners info tab
- Add: Instant Winners info shortcode [lottery_instant_winners_tab]
- Add: option to disable Instant Winner info tab
- Add: import Instant Win numbers and prizes via CSV file
- Add: randomly add ticket numbers when adding order manually
- Fix: pot file update

** Version 2.3.1 ** 13th Dec 2022
- Fix: warnings
- Add: instant win numbers encrypted (in DB) for better security
- Add: option to hide tickets for randomly assigned until order is complete
- Add: show ticket number and order ID for instant win in edit lottery > lottery history tab

** Version 2.3.0 ** 22nd Sep 2022
- Add: instant win lotteries

** Version 2.2.7 ** 1st Jul 2022
- Fix: ticket reservation when using randomly assign ticket numbers

** Version 2.2.6 ** 2nd Jun 2022
- Add: filter for my tickets sort woocommerce_lottery_my_tickets_endpoint_query_args 
and woocommerce_lottery_my_tickets_past_endpoint_query_args 
usage https://pastebin.com/6iuzQ2bR

** Version 2.2.5 ** 5th May 2022
- Fix: caching
- Fix: letters on entry list page
- Add: new filters for entry lists page

** Version 2.2.4 ** 4th Apr 2022
- Add: login at later stage of checkout

** Version 2.2.3 ** 16th Mar 2022
- Fix: duplicate queries

** Version 2.2.2 ** 1st Mar 2022
- Fix: elementor lucky dip button name
- Fix: alphabet in my tickets
- Add: show / hide my tickets in settings

** Version 2.2.1 ** 13th Jan 2022
- Fix: modal lucky dip problem
- Add: new filter wc_lottery_generate_random_ticket_numbers

Complete changelog can be found in plugin ZIP (file in which plugin is delivered).