How to create countdown timer for event on your webshop for lottery draw, auction or group buy ending soon event

We have received some inquries from our clients regarding countdown to an event on their page like Next Draw or Auction / Group Buy Event ending soon – basically you want to attract some attention to an event which ends soon and might be of interest to your users. This is not limited to our plugins you can use it for anything like next big discount, sale, new product coming to your store, maintenance ending, etc.

There are really a lot of countdown plugins for WordPress, both free available on WordPress Plugin directory or paid (on CodeCanyon or pro version of free plugin). We tested two free plugins and one standalone JavaScript / CSS version.

Countdown Block

This plugin implements countdown block for Gutenberg with variety of options to style timer itself and attributes like timestamp to which countdown timer will do the countdown.

And here is screenshot of its options:

There are 8 preset designs, you can turn of days, hours, minutes and seconds independently.

This is how it looks on page in frontend with basically no styling.

Countdown Builder

Full name of this plugin is Countdown, Coming Soon, Maintenance – Countdown & Clock and its url on WordPress plugin directory. It implements countdown timer via shortcodes. You get new section in wp-admin where you add and define your timers along with their shortcode which is then inserted into the page:

This is how it looks like in Gutenberg editor, you can also easily add shortcode to Classic Editor:

And in frontend:

All details for Countdown Builder can be found on WordPress plugin page. This plugin has also pro version which is paid but free version has plenty of features.

Standalone JS/CSS countdown timer

This timer consists of a bit html5, some JavaScript and CSS code and can be inserted anywhere using child theme functions.php file, customization plugin, you can implement it as shortocde or via CodeSnippets plugin.

Once timer reached timestamp it outputs a message like this:

Working index.html page and all code can be downloaded here. Everything can be customized and parts that are zero can be automatically hidden.

If you have any questions implementing some of these countdown solutions open support ticket or drop us email, we will be glad to help.