• Black Friday / Cyber Monday discount and coupon code, current versions update

    We have nice promo running this week (until 30th Nov 2021) – all items in our store are 40% off. You can use coupon code blackfriday21 to get the discount once you are on checkout page. Our current versions for plugins: WooCommerce Lottery v2.1.2, Woo Lottery Pick Number Mod addon v2.1.0, Woo Simple Auctions v2.0.6. […]
  • WooCommerce Simple Auctions with SMS notifications

    Initial setup and requirements for WooCommerce Simple Auctions with SMS notifications In this tutorial we will explain how you can enable true SMS notifications for (your auction website powered by Simple Auctions): new bid, auction finished, auction won, outbid note, reminder to pay and reserve failed notifications. Developer also has specific integrations for many different […]
  • Removal of users that have not logged in for more than 6 months to our support

    In order to prevent potential security risks and data leaks we will be removing old user data and their tickets from our support. We want to keep user data and user’s info to minimal amounts possible. Users with orders will not be removed and users will have permanent access to downloadable files (free and paid). […]
  • WooCommerce Lottery Pick Ticket Number Mod update v2.0.7 available

    WooCommerce Lottery Raffles Pick Ticket Number Mod new version v2.0.7 is available. New feature added – My Tickets entry in WooCommerce My Account menu. Get it here.
  • Storewide Sale, Simple Auctions and Lottery – updates

    We have issued updates for Storewide Sale (v1.1.8), Simple Auctions (v2.0.5) and for WooCommerce Lottery (v2.0.6) – mostly bugfixes but also new feature for auctions (see changelogs) and performance improvements.
  • ClassicPress – Get Simple Auctions, Lottery and Group Buy running on lightweight WordPress fork

    ClassicPress is WordPress long awaited fork of WordPress 4.9 without Gutenberg block editor, basically a lightweight fork of WordPress 4.9 with a few tweaks and improvements. It is under active development, has less bloat and has latest security patches. You will love overall simplicity and speed. Most popular themes and plugins that work with WordPress […]
  • Problem when accessing support with Envato credentials

    We have identified problem when accessing support system using Envato credentials. In case you experienced issues during access please contact us to open account for you so you can get proper access to support and be able to open support tickets. Problem is manifested as loop during login ie no redirection to open ticket form […]
  • WooCommerce Simple Auctions now with Elementor support

    WooCommerce Simple Auctions supports Elementor from version v2.0. You can create single auction page and auction base page with Elementor using Elementor widgets that are auction specific (bid input, countdown timer, buy now price, etc). To edit auction templates with Elementor you need Elementor (free) plus Elementor Pro (paid) or PRO Elements (free). How can […]
  • Drop / Raise Price plugin now available on WordPress.org for free

    Our Drop / Raise Price plugin is available on WordPress.org for free, check it on this url https://wordpress.org/plugins/drop-prices-for-woocommerce/ Documentation for plugin is available here. For those who have purchased plugin while being available on CodeCanyon we can suggest to download this new version to get future updates.
  • WooCommerce Lottery and Pick Number addon Now with full Elementor support

    Today we have released version 2.0.0 for WooCommerce Lottery and Pick Number Mod addon which include full Elementor support. In today’s update there were few minor changes and fixes too and version has been bumped to v2.0.0 for both plugin and addon. To edit lottery template with Elementor you need Elementor (free) plus Elementor Pro […]