ClassicPress – Get Simple Auctions, Lottery and Group Buy running on lightweight WordPress fork

ClassicPress is WordPress long awaited fork of WordPress 4.9 without Gutenberg block editor, basically a lightweight fork of WordPress 4.9 with a few tweaks and improvements. It is under active development, has less bloat and has latest security patches. You will love overall simplicity and speed.

Most popular themes and plugins that work with WordPress 4.9 are compatible with ClassicPress and there are forks of WooCommerce called ClassicCommerce and RankMath called Classic SEO (for more infos see link here).

Setting up prerequisites in ClassicPress

First thing to do when installing one of our plugins on ClassicPress is to decide what version of WooCommerce you will use. ClassicCommerce is fork based on WooCommerce v3.5.3 and usually needs tiny compatibility plugin (get it here) which allows WooCommerce addons to work with ClassicCommerce. We used StoreFront theme.

Plugin list in ClassicPress

Another option is regular WooCommerce installation but version that does not include (register) blocks for Gutenberg like WooCommerce v4.8.3 – scroll to the bottom and download version you want from repository. Once WooCommerce is ready you can install our plugins like you would on normal WordPress website.

Payment gateways tested in ClassicPress

Payment gateway we tested beside those that are preinstalled with WooCommerce is WooCommerce Stripe Gateway version 5.3.0 since that is the latest one that works fine with WooCommerce v4.8.2. Here is sample order done using test card with Stripe GW:

classicpress stripe order using test card plugin woocommerce stripe payment

Using our plugins on ClassicPress

There is no difference in how you use and work with plugins. Everything from documentation applies here. Install it, setup couple of products, make couple of orders and that’s it. Once deal, auction or lottery ends you and users will get notifications (if that is set), normal workflow is not affected in any way.

WooCommerce Lottery with Pick Number Mod addon
WooCommerce Lottery with Pick Number Mod addon

Here is screenshot of how auction product looks like:

ClassicPress with WooCommerce Simple Auction auction single product page

And screenshot with WooCommerce Group Buy / Deals product:

classicpress group buy deal product
Group Buy / Deal single product page