Last user’s order for WooCommerce

Some time ago we searched for simple plugin which would show user’s last order timestamp in wp-admin -> user list because searching through orders could be a tedious task. There was nothing simple just big complete CRM solutions and we decided to try code something. We created free plugin which can be downloaded on plugin repository here which does exactly that – shows order timestamp with a link to order in orders list. Try it, could be handy tool for your WooCommerce store too.

Get this free plugin.

Real 1 minute cronjobs alternative – how to

Some users of our plugins are using hosting companies without support real 1 minute cronjobs (contact us if you need suggestion about hosting companies supporting real 1 minute cronjobs). There is alternative service EasyCronhere is nice tutorial how to setup cronjobs for our Simple Auctions plugin. We do not use WordPress cronjobs because they are not reliable and depend on visitor accessing your website.