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6 votes

Woocommerce lottery – social shared lotteries

Hi, you can place options for participants must be shared lottery on social networks like facebook, twitter etc. before being participant.

Just like options.

6 votes

lottery pick numbers

lottery pick numbers is moddification free in plugin 🙂

2 votes

WooCommerce Drop Price in small steps say $10 when one customer participate

as the title, of course, we can set a limit, and finally all the participates can buy the products in the limited price, like group buy.

2 votes

latest bids widget

latest bids widget

1 vote

Multi product auction

The idea is simple:
Possibility to make an auction which includes a set of products (i.e. Lots). This could be useful to sell and buy products or services.

For example:
I want to buy a transportation service for 10 routes for same date. I do place an REVERSE AUCTION, where I do include a list of 10 routes (all those routes – are separate virtual products, but in real life those virtual products are my “NEEDS of service”).

Users can choose which of those 10 routes they could manage. So lets say User “A” can manage 6 routes of 10 – he places a bids for those. User “B” can manage 5 routes of 10, he places his bids.

So there going to be more than one winner of the auction. User “A” is the winner for routes “1”, “2”, “3”, “5”, “7”, “10”, and User “B” is the winner for routes “4”, “6”, “8”, “9”. And both of them were placed bids for route “5”, but the REVERSE PRICE of User “A” was lower than REVERSE PRICE of User “B”.

Both of users will recieve Email, where they can see which of Lots are they won.

In the end, they do not need to visit “Pay” or “Checkout” pages. They will recieve an order for services they provide (in this example – transportations). They will manage the work and get paid for that. They will be paid the price which they were placed as Bid on those routes (Lots).

1 vote

E-Funds & Auto-fund Deduction

Have E-Funds or wallet that can be funded via other payment system like PayPal and paystack, then have the funds for the lottery automatically deducted after confirmation without going to the cart or checkout page.

bid incrementation

main if the current bid is say 100 bid increment with 10 when get 500 increment with 50 (note from wpgenie: this is allready possible please check this code custom get increase bid)

Live bid

See a popup on right bottom side, showing, a number has just been picked.

to start according to the number of participants

Instead of a specific date, there should only be a specific countdown timer option. Thus, it is possible to start the countdown timer when the lottery has a certain number of entries.
Sample message: This draw will result in 1 hour after reaching 20 participants.

Thus, it is possible to get rid of dealing with lotteries without a participant on the site.

Extend auction end by custom time when bid is within custom time.

Option for admin to set custom time (example: 1 hour) extension of auction end when new higher bid is within custom time (example: 30 minutes).
Or, just hard code that option and turn it on or off site wide.