• WooCommerce Simple Auctions now with Elementor support

    WooCommerce Simple Auctions supports Elementor fully from version v2.0. You can create single auction page and auction base page with Elementor using Elementor widgets that are specific for auctions. To edit auction templates with Elementor you need Elementor (free) plus Elementor Pro (paid) or PRO Elements (free). Screenshots below show Elementor widgets you can use […]
  • Adding lottery countdown timer and progress bar to product archive / loop

    We got quite a few inquries to display countdown timer and progress bar not only on single lottery page but in product archive / loop. This is covered in our documentation, FAQ item no 12 but we also made handy little plugin which enables those two code snippets with just few clicks and no need […]
  • WooCommerce Lottery resource and ticket limits – can user purchase 30 000 tickets at once?

    Our plugin is basically limited with hosting solution that your WordPress installation runs on. There is no limit how many tickets can be sold at once or how many numbers can you list for lottery but usually on lower spec hosting (especially on cheaper shared hosting) you will hit limit around couple thousands ticket purchases […]
  • How to access ticket system if you purchased Pick Number Mod addon?

    Easiest way to access ticket system is to go to login with account you used to make purchase, then click on My Account, find orders link in left menu and you will notice Get Support button in row that shows your order for add on. Click there and open your support ticket. Please check this […]
  • Icons missing in product list for auctions, lotteries and group buy / deals

    We had a lot of inquries about missing icons in product type column WooCommerce product list. Users were asking why icons vanished in WooCommerce product list and how can they get it back. From WooCommerce 3.4.0 update, WooCommerce developers removed that column in product list (as a result of users’ feedback). There is way to […]
  • Using code snippets and template customizations in child theme

    Every now and then you need to modify plugin or theme’s templates, add some code snippet or change couple things using CSS. Best way to include your changes and make them update proof is to do it via child theme. Child theme is special theme that loads parent theme files from parent theme folder and […]
  • WooCommerce Lottery and Pick Number addon Now with full Elementor support

    Today we have released version 2.0.0 for WooCommerce Lottery and Pick Number Mod addon which include full Elementor support. In today’s update there were few minor changes and fixes too and version has been bumped to v2.0.0 for both plugin and addon. To edit lottery template with Elementor you need Elementor (free) plus Elementor Pro […]
  • How to open support ticket – Support access problem – 401 API forbidden

    We had couple of cases when, during access to ticket system, users might get 401 API forbidden error message. Here is quick explanation of what is really happening here and what is causing this error. Since our support system is integrated via CodeCanyon / Envato API to check and verify your purchase / licence you […]
  • Complete List of WordPress Language Locales

    List of WordPress locales useful for multilanguage and translations. Locale Name Native Name Locale Code WordPress Locale Afrikaans Afrikaans af af Akan Akan ak ak Albanian Shqip sq sq Algerian Arabic الدارجة الجزايرية arq arq Amharic አማርኛ am am Arabic العربية ar ar Armenian Հայերեն hy hy Aromanian Armãneashce rup rup_MK Arpitan Arpitan frp frp […]
  • Tutorial – Add lottery, competition or lucky draw with prizes to your WooCommerce store

    Have you ever purchased lottery or entered lucky draw? Every now and then there is occasion to reward your customers with prizes or give opportunity to enter the draw for an item (with huge discount or for just a fraction of real price). E-store owners who run their webshops on WooCommerce can improve their user […]