Honoro Vera

100% Garnacha.  Great fruit on the nose of cherry and blackberry.  Fruit is extremely evident on the palate with notes of juicy plums and currants.  This is all balanced out by a touch of pepper on the finish.  Extremely easy to drink, fruitful red wine that is not sweet.


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750 Ml

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In Spain, there are 3 clone varietals of Garnacha as well.  There is the more common Garnacha Tinta.  Garnacha Peluda (“Hairy Grenache”) is the varietal that is widely planted in Priorat.  It is named because their leaves have a fuzzy, soft texture.  Another clone is Garnacha Tintorera.

Garnacha Tintorera is a hybrid of Grenache and Petit Bouschet.  It is widely planted in Southeastern Spain.  You will also see smatterings of plantings in Portugal, France as well as California.  A fun fact, Garnacha Tintorera or Alicante Bouschet, as it is also known, was extremely popular in the United States during prohibition.  Thanks to the grapes thick skin, it was easy to get fermentable juice from and it also transported well.


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