Theme Documentation

Last updated: 1st Oct 2019

Thank you for purchasing our theme. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via comment form here. Have fun with our theme!

Change Log

Here is a list of updates and fixes in Bottls - Wine Store and Auctions WooCommerce Theme versions.

** Version 1.0.53 (01 Oct 2019) **
- Fix: WooCommerce 3.7 compatibility
- Fix: compare and wishlist page errors
- Updated: LayerSlider 6.9.2
- Updated: WooCommerce Price Drop 1.1.21
- Updated: WooCommerce Lottery 1.1.21
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.2.32
- Updated: TGM Plugin Activation 2.6.1

** Version 1.0.52 (31 Jul 2019) **
- Fix: WooCommerce 3.6 compatibility
- Updated: LayerSlider 6.8.4
- Updated: WooCommerce Price Drop 1.1.20
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.2.31
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Storewide Sale 1.1.6
- Removed: WooCommerce Lottery

** Version 1.0.51 (25 Oct 2018) **
- Updated: LayerSlider 6.7.6
- Updated: WooCommerce Price Drop 1.1.18
- Updated: WooCommerce Lottery 1.1.16
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.2.26
- Fix: WooCommerce 3.5 compatibility
** Version 1.0.50 (16 May 2018) **
- Fix: Bug with content chooser
- fix: WooCommerce 3.3.5 compatibility
- Updated: LayerSlider 6.7.1
- Updated: suggested WooCommerce 3.3.5
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.2.25
- Updated: WooCommerce Price Drop 1.1.15
- Updated: WooCommerce Lottery 1.1.13

** Version 1.0.49 (16 Jan 2018) **
- Fix: Bug with displaying products subcategories when there is no products on archive page

** Version 1.0.48 (05 Dec 2017) **
- Fix: Product categories section in content chooser for WooCommerce > 3

** Version 1.0.47 (04 Dec 2017) **
- Fix: Content chooser problem
- Updated: LayerSlider 6.6.4
- Updated: suggested WooCommerce 3.2.5

** Version 1.0.46 (16 Nov 2017) **
- Updated: LayerSlider 6.6.2
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.2.21
- Updated: suggested WooCommerce 3.2.3
- Fix: Content chooser problem

** Version 1.0.45 (06 Nov 2017) **
- Updated: LayerSlider 6.6.1
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.2.20
- Updated: suggested WooCommerce 3.2.2
- Updated: WooCommerce Lottery 1.1.9
- Updated: Simple Storewide Sale 1.1.4

** Version 1.0.44 (16 Oct 2017) **
- Updated: LayerSlider 6.6.0
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.2.18
- Updated: suggested WooCommerce 3.2.1
- Fix: WooCommerce >= 3.2.0 compatibility

** Version 1.0.43 (07 Sep 2017) **
- Updated: LayerSlider 6.5.8
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.2.16
- Updated: WooCommerce Lottery 1.1.6
- Updated: suggested WooCommerce 3.1.2

** Version 1.0.42 (04 Jul 2017) **
- Updated: LayerSlider 6.5.1
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.2.15
- Updated: WooCommerce Lottery 1.1.5
- Updated: suggested WooCommerce 3.1.0
- Fix: WooCommerce >= 3.1.0 compatibility

** Version 1.0.41 (7 Jun 2017) **
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.2.14
- Updated: WooCommerce Lottery 1.1.4
- Updated: suggested WooCommerce 3.0.8

** Version 1.0.40 (30 May 2017) **
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.2.13
- Updated: LayerSlider 6.4.0
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Storewide Sale 1.0.9
- Updated: WooCommerce Lottery 1.1.3
- Updated: OnSale Page for WooCommerce 1.0.9

** Version 1.0.39 (1 May 2017) **
- Fix: WooCommerce >= 3.0.5 compatibility
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.2.10
- Updated: suggested WooCommerce 3.0.5

** Version 1.0.38 (11 Apr 2017) **
- Fix: WooCommerce >= 3.0.0 compatibility
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Storewide Sale 1.1
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.2.8
- Updated: suggested WooCommerce 3.0.1
- Updated: WooCommerce Drop Raise Prices 1.1.14
- Updated: LayerSlider 6.3.0
- Updated: WooCommerce Lottery 1.1.1

** Version 1.0.37 (12 Dec 2016) **
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Storewide Sale 1.0.7
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.2.5
- Updated: suggested WooCommerce 2.6.9
- Updated: WooCommerce Drop Raise Prices 1.1.12

** Version 1.0.36 (05 Oct 2016) **
- Updated: OnSale Page for WooCommerce 1.0.6
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Storewide Sale 1.0.4
- Updated: WooCommerce Lottery 1.0.4
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.2.3
- Updated: suggested WooCommerce 2.6.4
- Updated: WooCommerce Drop Raise Prices 1.1.10

** Version 1.0.35 (26 Jul 2016) **
- Fix: Woocommerce Simple Auctions installation problem

** Version 1.0.34 (20 Jul 2016) **
- Fix: WooCommerce 2.6.3 compatibility
- Fix: small CSS fixes
- Updated: OnSale Page for WooCommerce 1.0.2
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.2.1
- Updated: LayerSlider 5.6.9
- Updated: suggested WooCommerce 2.6.3

** Version 1.0.33 (15 Jun 2016) **
- Fix: WooCommerce compatibility

** Version 1.0.32 (7 Jun 2016) **
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.1.38
- Updated: LayerSlider 5.6.8

** Version 1.0.31 (10 May 2016) **
+ Add: new bundled plugin WooCommerce Lottery 1.0.3
+ Add: new bundled plugin WooCommerce Simple Storewide Sale 1.0.2
+ Add: new bundled plugin OnSale Page for WooCommerce 1.0.1
+ Add: new bundled plugin WooCommerce Drop Raise Prices 1.1.9
- Fix: small CSS fixes

** Version 1.0.30 (26 Apr 2016) **
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.1.36
- Updated: suggested WooCommerce 2.5.5
- Updated: LayerSlider 5.6.6

** Version 1.0.29 (07 Mar 2016) **
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.1.33
- Updated: suggested WooCommerce 2.5.3

** Version 1.0.28 (24 Feb 2016) **
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.1.32

** Version 1.0.27 (9 Feb 2016) **
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.1.31

** Version 1.0.26 (8 Feb 2016) **
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.1.30
- Updated: suggested WooCommerce 2.5.2

** Version 1.0.25 (20 Jan 2015) **
- Fix: WooCommerce compatibility
- Updated: suggested WooCommerce 2.5.0

** Version 1.0.24 (15 Jan 2015) **
- Fix: logo upload fix

** Version 1.0.23 (14 Jan 2016) **
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.1.27
- Updated: suggested WooCommerce 2.4.13

** Version 1.0.22 (15 Dec 2015) **
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.1.26
- Updated: suggested WooCommerce 2.4.12

** Version 1.0.21 (27 Nov 2015) **
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.1.24
- Updated: WooCommerce 2.4.10 compatibility

** Version 1.0.20 (14 Oct 2015) **
- Fix: infinite scroll
- Fix: item block height adjustment JS issue
- Fix: CSS typos

** Version 1.0.19 (09 Oct 2015) **
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.1.22

** Version 1.0.18 (05 Oct 2015) **
- Updated: Added language file and folder
- Fix: footer not responsive with 3 widgets
- Fix: cart not responsive
- Fix: css typos, woocommerce css
- Fix: css for cart totals
- Fix: file cleanup

** Version 1.0.17 (03 Oct 2015) **
- Fix: contact page form emails not being sent

** Version 1.0.16 (02 Oct 2015) **
- Fix: checkout page problem
- Fix: backend composer bug (unable to open visual composer element)

** Version 1.0.15 (28 Sept 2015) **
- Fix: Problem with select dropdown in admin area
- Fix: Problem with custom css displaying inline
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.1.21

** Version 1.0.14 (24 Sept 2015) **
- Updated: suggested WooCommerce 2.4.7
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.1.20

** Version 1.0.13 (11 Sept 2015) **
- Updated: LayerSlider 5.6.2
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.1.19

** Version 1.0.12 (17 Aug 2015) **
- Fix: WooCommerce 2.4.x compatibility
- Updated: LayerSlider 5.5.0

** Version 1.0.11 (21 Jul 2015) **
- Fix: issues with select body font in admin panel
- Fix: version number
- Fix: issue with LayerSlider installation

** Version 1.0.10 (15 Jun 2015) **
- Fix: issues in style.css

** Version 1.0.9 (10 Jun 2015) **
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.1.16
- Updated: suggested WooCommerce 2.3.10
- Updated: LayerSlider 5.4.0

** Version 1.0.8 (01 Apr 2015) **
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.1.11
- Fix: product category description position
- Fix: checkout page not displayed properly after update to WooCommerce 2.3.x

** Version 1.0.7 (18 Mar 2015) **
- Updated: WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.1.9

** Version 1.0.6 (3 Mar 2015) **
- Updated: bundled plugins
- Updated: WooCommerce compatibility

** Version 1.0.5 (20 Feb 2015) **
- Updated: bundled plugins
- Updated: WooCommerce compatibility

** Version 1.0.4 (13 Feb 2015) **
- Updated: bundled plugins

** Version 1.0.3 (05 Jan 2015) **
- Fix: responsive pricetables fix
- Fix: missing LayerSlider zip

** Version 1.0.2 (05 Nov 2014) **
- Fix: problem with inserting shortcodes

** Version 1.0.1 (03 Nov 2014) **
- Updated: bundled plugins

** Version 1.0.0 (19 Sep 2014) **
- Initial release

Overview and Features

Bottls - Wine Store and Auctions WooCommerce Theme

Bottls is premium WordPress theme with WooCommerce support and auctions. It works out of the box with a multitude of theme options. Theme includes LayerSlider, WooCommerce Simple Auction plugin, visual element composer, layout chooser, settings for fast customization, custom CSS editor and many other useful features. Continue reading to learn more about all features and options.

01. Theme Features

  • Premium WordPress slider LayerSlider WP included (worth $24)
  • WooCommerce Simple Auctions included (worth $29)
  • WooCommerce Simple Storewide Sale included (worth $23)
  • WooCommerce Drop / Raise Prices included (worth $19)
  • Fully responsive HTML5 and CSS3 tableless design
  • Fully customizable
  • Simple visual content composer for pages
  • Pager or infinite scroll
  • Choose boxed or full width layout
  • Choose number of columns
  • Typography customization via Google fonts
  • Unlimited colour schemes
  • Add custom CSS easily via theme options
  • Built in Product Whishlist and Compare pages that work out of the box
  • Widgets and sidebars
  • Special WooCommerce On Sale Page via our free plugin with sorting and paging
  • Compatible Browsers: IE9+, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
  • Fast, lean and optimized - easily achieve top page speed score
  • Shortcodes
  • Retina ready
  • Works with WP Super Cache, W3TC caching plugins
  • Dummy (demo) data available



After downloading Bottls theme package, please extract your download theme package and go to theme folder, unzip folder and upload its content to wp-content/themes/ folder of your Wordpress installation. You can also use Wordpress install feature, just go to Install Themes tab under Appearance => Themes section, select upload and browse within theme folder, Wordpress will install necessary files in coresponding place.

Once the theme is uploaded, you need to activate it. Go to Appearance > Themes and activate Bottls theme. Theme includes two plugins and you will get notification to install them (optional). LayerSlider WP is one of the key features so you should install it.


If you need help installing Wordpress see the link here

WooCommerce support works only if you install WooCommerce plugin which can be downloaded here.


Keep on your mind that if you want to include custom CSS in its own file, make sure that bottls/css/custom.css exists and is web writable (666 permissions).


Keep on your mind that if you want to have custom fonts, make sure that bottls/admin/fonts/fonts.json file is web writable (666 permissions).

Bottls theme comes with plenty of ecommerce plugins packed into theme. To install them go to wp-admin, click on Appearance -> Install Plugins


Install WooCommerce Sample Data:


Bottls has included Wordpress XML demo file, you can find that file in /sample-data folder. You can also download it here and sample sliders from here Steps to import demo data to your WordPress site:

  1. Go to Tools > Import, select WordPress Import (maybe you will have to install WordPress import plugin!)
  2. Select XML dummy content file from /assets/sample-data/ (or download it here)
  3. Click Upload file and import
  4. Assign posts to an exitsting account
  5. Check Download and import file attachments
  6. Click Submit and wait until WordPress finish downloading attachments and importing content


Make sure to unzip archives before uploading demo XML file.


Importing dummy data can take some time, specially on slow Internet connections. Be patient and do not close or refresh browser tab until import operation is completed.

Steps to import demo slider to your LayerSlider WP:

  1. Go to LayerSlider WP
  2. Find Import & Export Sliders section
  3. Click Choose File and select LayerSlider json file from /assets/sample-data/
  4. Click Import button


Dummy data contains WooCommerce data too which means if you don't have installed WooCommerce plugin you might see some warnings / errors.

New WP-admin items

After installing Bottls theme, few new option menus will appear in Wordpress admin menu:

  1. Custom post type - Testimonials
  2. Custom post type - Services
  3. Custom post type - Promo
  4. LayerSlider WP
  5. WooCommerce Simple Auctions (optional, visible when creating new WooCommerce product, you will see Auction product type)
  6. Bottls Options

That means you will have 3 new custom post types, two plugins and theme settings. If you install WooCommerce you will get its menu items (WooCommerce, Products). Theme has widget areas - classic sidebar, footer, single product footer, shop header and down footer. Default layout and sidebar position can be set in Theme Options.

Theme Options - General

Here you can define and change background, color scheme, fonts, favicon, logo and logo text, background overlay pattern, make site boxed (limit width to specific value in pixels), number of footer columns. Basically when setting up new site this are first settings to change.


Theme Options - Pages Settings


In this section, you have settings for blog, search and archive pages, and single post. You can define sidebar position and which elements you want to show or hide on specific page(s). Every item is explained in detail so it should be very easy to understand each setting.

Theme Options - WooCommerce


Since Bottls theme supports WooCommerce there are also couple things you might want to configure like number of products per row, sidebar position, enable / disable cart block (and its settings) and paging settings. Again, every item here is self explainable, except that you have ability to modify number of products per row for desktop and mobile viewports. So for example you can show less products in one row on mobile devices than on desktop.

Theme Options - Custom CSS


Just a big text field where you can enter your custom CSS and override theme's original one.


Keep on your mind that in general theme settings you can choose either to have custom CSS in file or inline. Custom css file is in directory Bottls/css/custom.css and has to be web writable (666 permissions).

Home Page and Quick setup

Front page does not have any text but you have to create it from content sections available in content chooser / visual composer. There are sections like sliders, content (page or post previously defined like about us, etc), testimonials, services, promo. All of these can be used to define home page (in fact you can use any sections on any page you want).

1. Decide what do you want to have on home page. For example add slider, shop section with latest, featured, top products, testimonials, promo, create footer widgets.

2. Once that step is completed you can go and create new page, name it "home page" and choose Home page template.


If you want to show text entered in home page content you need to add content section and select there "Home page" page.


3. Arrange all elements with content chooser.


If you do not see Content chooser block in post / page editor click on "Screen Options" and then check "Content chooser".


If you don't want to have title enter "none" in content chooser.


To get current post / page content just select "Content" from available elements in content chooser, you don't have to enter anything else.

4. Setup Wordpress to use static page as Front page and select your page in selectbox



Keep on your mind that you have to create content for home page before you start creating home page. Prepare content (page), slider, testimonials, promo and others before. Once you have those sections you will include them and sort with content chooser on home page.

5. Now you can add pages like contact, about us, etc to main menu and once you have those pages finished go to Appearance => Menus, create main menu and add it to "Top Menu" location.


To create mega menu you need to enable advanced screen options "CSS Classes". Then for top item you need to enter css class "megamenu". See screenshot below:



Theme implements three different types of products - regular products, auctions and catalog items. All are added via WooCommerce Products page, catalog item is simple product without price set.


To create Testimonials items please go to Testimonials custom type in main menu. There you will have to enter testimonial author and text.



Don't be confused - content chooser on every custom item is for its own single page. You can change default layout for single page for every custom type item, only testimonials are exception because testimonials are usually not shown on their own single page (although they can be if you want).


To create Services items please go to Services custom type in main menu. There you will have to enter service text, set featured image - click on top right "Screen options" and make sure that "Service" has been checked, in fact make sure everything is checked.

Service items on Home Page alternative layout


Contact Page

To create Contact page create a new page and set its template to Contact page in Page attributes block on your right side when editing page. Once you to that and click "update" or "publish page" you will get block for adding addresses, map, email contact form info and working hours.

LayerSlider WP

Bottls theme includes LayerSlider WP plugin for creating sliders. Many answers can be found on its official FAQ here. How to use LayerSlider We are using the WordPress contextual help menus (top right corner of the page) to give you a quick and easy way to access our documentation whenever you need on the plugin's pages on your WP admin interface. Also, newer versions of the plugin uses dynamic tooltips that explains the given option when you point on a setting field with your mouse cursor.



Once you have created your slider you will be able to use it on any page via "Content chooser", with drag and drop you can change its position on page / post.

WooCommerce Simple Auctions

Bottls theme includes WooCommerce Simple Auctions plugin for creating auctions. Official documentation is here. To create new auction just go to Products => Add product and in Product Data select Auction.



In product list table (on right side) you will have new icons which depicts auctions and its status (active, finished paid, finished failed, finished sold).


We strongly suggest you to read WooCommerce Simple Auctions documentation in order to learn all details about setting up WooCommerce auctions.


Bottls has plenty of them, they are listed and explained below. You have shortcode page screenshot below, or you can just copy / paste code to your page to see how shortcode works. We have shortcodes page here so you can see how shortcodes output actually looks like.

  • tabs - [tabs][tabs_names][tab title="tab1" active="y" id="tab1_id"][/tab][tab title="tab2" active="n" id="tab2_id"][/tab][/tabs_names][tabs_contents][content id="tab1_id"] 1. Pellentesque vitae viverra massa. Sed suscipit mollis nulla, a viverra nulla scelerisque ac. Pellentesque congue massa at leo placerat non tempor elit laoreet. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Nulla lectus justo, vulputate sit amet pellentesque at, facilisis quis dolor.[/content][content id="tab2_id"]2. Congue massa at leo placerat non tempor elit laoreet. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Nulla lectus justo, vulputate sit amet pellentesque at, facilisis quis dolor.Pellentesque vitae viverra massa. Sed suscipit mollis nulla, a viverra nulla scelerisque ac. [/content][/tabs_contents][/tabs]
  • hr - [hr][/hr]
  • price table - [price_table colums="3"][price_colum name="Silver Package" price="75" valute="$" link="" action_text="Order now"][price_feature amount="6"]Domains Supported[/price_feature][price_feature amount="75$"]AdWords Credits[/price_feature][price_feature amount="2 available" ]MySQL Databases[/price_feature][price_feature amount="1000"]FTP Accounts[/price_feature][/price_colum][price_colum name="Gold Package" price="95" valute="$" link="" action_text="Order now"][price_feature amount="6"]Domains Supported[/price_feature] [price_feature amount="75$" ]AdWords Credits[/price_feature][price_feature amount="2 available" ]MySQL Databases[/price_feature][price_feature amount="1000" ]FTP Accounts[/price_feature][/price_colum][price_colum name="Diamond Package" price="175" valute="$" link="" action_text="Order now"][price_feature amount="16"]Domains Supported[/price_feature][price_feature amount="275$"]AdWords Credits[/price_feature][price_feature amount="25 available"]MySQL Databases[/price_feature][price_feature amount="10000" ]FTP Accounts[/price_feature][/price_colum][/price_table]
  • alert messages - [alert style="1"]content here[/alert] [alert style="2"]content here[/alert] [alert style="3"]content here[/alert] [alert style="4"]content here[/alert]
  • progress - [progress percent="30" style="1"] [progress percent="60" style="2"] [progress percent="50" style="3"] [progress percent="70" style="4"]
  • buttons - [button style="1" caption="Button" size="lg" link="button_url"][/button] [button style="2" caption="Button" size="lg" link="button_url"] [/button] [button style="3" caption="Button" size="lg" link="button_url"] [/button] [button style="4" caption="Button" size="lg" link="button_url"][/button] [button style="5" caption="Button" size="lg" link="button_url"][/button] [button style="6" caption="Button" size="lg" link="button_url"] [/button] [button style="7" caption="Button" size="lg" link="button_url"][/button] [button style="1" caption="Button" link="button_url"][/button] [button style="2" caption="Button" link="button_url"][/button] [button style="3" caption="Button" link="button_url"][/button] [button style="4" caption="Button" link="button_url"][/button] [button style="5" caption="Button" link="button_url"][/button] [button style="6" caption="Button" link="button_url"][/button] [button style="7" caption="Button" link="button_url"][/button] [button style="1" caption="Button" size="sm" link="button_url"][/button] [button style="2" caption="Button" size="sm" link="button_url"][/button] [button style="3" caption="Button" size="sm" link="button_url"][/button] [button style="4" caption="Button" size="sm" link="button_url"][/button] [button style="5" caption="Button" size="sm" link="button_url"][/button] [button style="6" caption="Button" size="sm" link="button_url"][/button] [button style="7" caption="Button" size="sm" link="button_url"][/button] [button style="1" caption="Button" size="xs" link="button_url"][/button] [button style="2" caption="Button" size="xs" link="button_url"][/button] [button style="3" caption="Button" size="xs" link="button_url"][/button] [button style="4" caption="Button" size="xs" link="button_url"][/button] [button style="5" caption="Button" size="xs" link="button_url"][/button] [button style="6" caption="Button" size="xs" link="button_url"][/button] [button style="7" caption="Button" size="xs" link="button_url"][/button]
  • icons - [icon size=6]fa-thumbs-up[/icon][icon size=5]fa-thumbs-up[/icon][icon size=4]fa-thumbs-up[/icon][icon size=3]fa-thumbs-up[/icon][icon size=2]fa-thumbs-up[/icon][icon size=1]fa-thumbs-up[/icon] [icon size=6 color="#0A7B83"] fa-camera-retro[/icon][icon size=5 color="#2AA876"] fa-camera-retro[/icon][icon size=4 color="#FFD265"] fa-camera-retro[/icon][icon size=3 color="#F19C65"] fa-camera-retro[/icon][icon size=2 color="#CE4D45"] fa-camera-retro[/icon][icon] fa-camera-retro[/icon]
  • youtube - [youtube width="6740" height="460" align="center" autoplay="1"]6v2L2UGZJAM[/youtube]
  • columns - [row][span3]Proin laoreet lacus ipsum, rutrum fringilla orci lobortis quis. Mauris id vehicula urna. Aliquam et turpis quis lacus tincidunt sodales vitae euismod quam. Vestibulum sodales tortor id leo egestas ultrices non non lorem. Maecenas at tortor in quam vehicula vestibulum. Suspendisse sit amet eros dapibus, pretium elit ut, dapibus eros. In mollis interdum pulvinar. [/span3][span3]Proin laoreet lacus ipsum, rutrum fringilla orci lobortis quis. Mauris id vehicula urna. Aliquam et turpis quis lacus tincidunt sodales vitae euismod quam. Vestibulum sodales tortor id leo egestas ultrices non non lorem. Maecenas at tortor in quam vehicula vestibulum. Suspendisse sit amet eros dapibus, pretium elit ut, dapibus eros. In mollis inte[/span3][span6]Proin laoreet lacus ipsum, rutrum fringilla orci lobortis quis. Mauris id vehicula urna. Aliquam et turpis quis lacus tincidunt sodales vitae euismod quam. Vestibulum sodales tortor id leo egestas ultrices non non lorem. Maecenas at tortor in quam vehicula vestibulum. Suspendisse sit amet eros dapibus, pretium elit ut, dapibus eros. In mollis interdum pulvinar. Morbi ante ante, bibendum eget urna nec, vehicula auctor mauris. Donec accumsan, neque vel volutpat tincidunt, massa purus lobortis lorem, sagittis elementum quam tortor non turpis. Curabitur sed imperdiet nibh. Nulla quis euismod quam. [/span6][/row]


Shortcodes can be used on any page, post or custom type post.


Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us if you can't find answer to your question.

  1. How can I add icon to menu item? - Go to your menu and edit menu item so you can add icon class to CSS Class for that particular item
  2. How can I setup mobile menu? - Mobile menu is widget because that way you have more control over it, for example baside menu you can add there search, text and other elements you normally add into widget.
  3. There is issue on checkout page? - After upgrading to WooCommerce 2.3.x you might notice issue with checkout page. Solution is to delete folder /bottls/woocommerce/cart/ and files inside it. This issue is fixed in Bottls v1.0.8
  4. Is my WooCommerce properly setup? - To find out go to WooCommerce => System Status or url // and make sure that there is no red colored errors. Usually WP Memory Limit is too low and that can cause number of problems in WooCommerce.
  5. I have created and published page (or post) but I can't see any content (or you see completely different content)? - Please scroll down to Content chooser and make sure that "content" section is either removed or everything in it is empty and that you didn't select content from other post or page.
  6. How can I get rid of titles in content chooser? - Just enter none for a title.
  7. How can I get current page / post content in content chooser? - Just drag "content" section to "Show on page" column, nothing else.
  8. How do I remove admin widget? - Open functions.php file and comment out line require_once( get_template_directory() . '/admin/prospekt-admin-widgets.php');
  9. How do I import dummy data and make site looks like your demo? - Instructions are here.
  10. How can I slide products, posts or pages with LayerSlider? - You can't directly. To slide posts, pages or products create new slider and then you need to add content slides like in demo LayerSlider WP slider named "Sample content slider".
  11. I've added content section via content chooser and selected page / post and now I see comment form? Make sure that you use separate pages for content on which comment is disabled. Otherwise you will see comment form.
  12. I see products out of stock in related products? Why? I want to hide out of stock products from related products! You have to change WooCommerce setting called "Out of stock visibility" which is located in WooCommerce Settings -> Products -> Inventory tab.

Bottls - Wine Store and Auctions WooCommerce Theme

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